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SALE Peach Geometric Fringe Teething Blanket

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This teething blanket, lovie blanket is made of 100% designer jersey knit fabric. It has been hand fringed to add a fun flare for your baby to play with. The dimensions of this blanket are approximately 12" x 12" (Pattern placement on each blanket may vary along with dimensions due to its handmade nature).

Each teething lovey comes with a removeable teething ring so that when you wash the blanket you do not have to wash the ring along with the blanket. Perfect for little hands to grip and chew on :).

The teething ring is made to chew and is made using all natural birch wood so no chemicals have been added to treat the ring. It has been sanded down to ensure its perfectly smooth for your little one to chew. Please remove teething ring at first sign of wear and replace with new one. All of our teething blanket rings have been tested in a lab facility to ensure they meet and exceed the Consumer Product Safety Commission Safety Guidelines.