I Praise You for I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made - Psalm 139:14

Our Vision



 Why We Design

Precious Little Tot provides accessories and apparel for mom and baby designed to make the every day life of motherhood easier. As a mom, I know first hand the many challenges being a new mom can bring and I had to learn all over again when my family grew.  

Our handmade, quality accessories will give moms a better experience. Our designs and patterns have style and give a boost of confidence. All of the challenges motherhood can bring can be much easier when you have tools that can provide ease without fuss.  Revolutionize the way a mom can organize and show a sense of style with fun, vibrant patterns.

Our Mission

We strive to produce a beautiful product for each customer while spreading Gods word through our product line. 


From Hobby to Career

Precious Little Tot, LLC started in August 2012. Founder Jaclyn Kostrzewa created pieces as a hobby when her first child was born in 2010. Needing a creative outlet during his nap time, Jaclyn states, "I started sewing so I would have something for myself that I could enjoy and get lost in for a few hours a day."  Sewing became a self-taught creative outlet for Kostrzewa.  

Within a year of establishing the business, it's potential allowed the business to grow into a career for Kostrzewa, "Our customers love the product line and after two years we started to acquire a list of loyal customers and wholesale retailers that continue to work with Precious Little Tot." God has given Kostrzewa a talent to design and make beautiful products and she felt that her purpose was to merge her creativity and share Gods word at the same time. 


100% Handmade

All items at Precious Little Tot are hand made by our founder and by contracted independent artisans. Each item is made with attention to detail, quality, and care. When you purchase from Precious Little Tot, you are supporting a movement that allows artists to showcase their craft. Owning a beautiful piece that is unique, not mass-produced, and is made with genuine love and care is what hand made is truly all about.